2022-06-11 Artjom Löbsacksync arch-laptop
2022-02-01 Artjom Löbsackchore(redshift): update options
2022-02-01 Artjom Löbsackchore(xmonad): format config
2022-02-01 Artjom Löbsackchore(alacritty): update config for new options
2022-02-01 Artjom Löbsackchore: use static wp
2022-02-01 Artjom Löbsackfix(nvim): update keymaps
2021-12-05 Artjom Löbsackchore: enable redshift
2021-12-05 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(git): use fancy diff
2021-12-05 Artjom Löbsackchore(dirs): add xdg music dir
2021-12-05 Artjom Löbsackfeat(nvim indent-blankline): set treesitter context...
2021-12-05 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim autosave): change saved message
2021-12-04 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim): clean plugins
2021-12-04 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(nvim lsp): allow custom _on_attach in configs
2021-12-04 Artjom Löbsackchore(wallpaper): change
2021-12-04 Artjom Löbsackchore(git): enable pull rebase
2021-12-04 Artjom Löbsackchore(xinit): enable dynamic wallpapers
2021-12-04 Artjom Löbsackchore(xmobar): use monochrome colors
2021-12-04 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim lsp): remove unused servers configurations
2021-12-04 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(nvim cmp): close with c-x
2021-12-04 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim autosave): misc
2021-12-04 Artjom Löbsackchore(alacritty): dim foreground
2021-11-28 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim): misc
2021-11-28 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(nvim tree): use ready collapse_all function
2021-11-27 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim tree): do not scroll to top on collapse
2021-11-21 Artjom Löbsackfeat(nvim): add recursive nvim tree closing
2021-11-21 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim): add dump utils function
2021-11-20 Artjom Löbsackchore(dunst): change icon size
2021-11-20 Artjom Löbsackrefactor: change colorscheme
2021-11-20 Artjom Löbsackfix(fonts): use new sf-mono
2021-11-20 Artjom Löbsackchore(fonts): remove uuid from sf-mono
2021-11-20 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(fonts): remove ligatures from sf-mono
2021-11-20 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(nvim): migrate to lua
2021-11-20 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim): update
2021-11-06 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim): hide nerdtree colorcolumn global
2021-11-06 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim): increase gitgutter update time
2021-11-06 Artjom Löbsackfeat(nvim): trim trailing spaces
2021-11-06 Artjom Löbsackfix(nvim): update some colors
2021-11-06 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim): use short opts in coc module
2021-11-06 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim): increase autosave debounce
2021-11-06 Artjom Löbsackfeat(nvim): use indent plugin
2021-11-06 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(nvim): use treesitter
2021-11-06 Artjom Löbsackchore(zshenv): set VISUAL
2021-11-06 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(coc): config autofix
2021-11-06 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim): set proprt maxlen
2021-11-06 Artjom Löbsackfix(nvim): do not lint .env files with shellcheck
2021-10-31 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim): reformat
2021-10-31 Artjom Löbsackchore(zshenv): remove useless comment
2021-10-31 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(nvim): decompose by modules
2021-10-31 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim): disable unused plugins
2021-10-31 Artjom Löbsackfix(picom): add shadows on notifications
2021-10-31 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(zsh): change ls alias
2021-10-31 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(notifications): change appearance
2021-10-31 Artjom Löbsackrefactor: change cursor
2021-10-25 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim): do not hide cursor in nerdtree
2021-10-25 Artjom Löbsackfeat(zsh): add git head diff alias
2021-10-25 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(coc): disable on-type validation
2021-10-25 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(picom): use rounded corners
2021-10-25 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(xinit): use static wallpaper
2021-10-25 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(gtk3): enable animations
2021-10-25 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(xmonad): change borders
2021-09-25 Artjom Löbsackfix(coc): enable vetur validations
2021-09-25 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(nvim): set colorcolumn
2021-09-25 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(fonts): change mono
2021-09-25 Artjom Löbsackrefactor: use dynamic wallpapers
2021-09-25 Artjom Löbsackfix(less): do not clear on exit
2021-09-25 Artjom Löbsackrefactor: change colors
2021-09-18 Artjom Löbsackfeat(coc): configure
2021-09-18 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(nvim): misc changes
2021-09-18 Artjom Löbsackfeat(zsh): add docker alias
2021-09-18 Artjom Löbsackperf(nvim): set list of vim-vue preprocessors
2021-09-18 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(coc): update stylelint-plus config
2021-09-12 Artjom Löbsackfeat(nvim): set gitgutter highlights
2021-09-11 Artjom Löbsackfix(nvim): patch airline colors
2021-09-11 Artjom Löbsackfix(nvim): remove broken mapping
2021-09-11 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(dunst): change frame width
2021-09-11 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(colors): increase contrast ratio
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackchore(xmonad): show inactive border
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackfeat(crontab): add cache clean
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackfix(nvim): change go to typedef mapping
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackfix(picom): resolve alacritty border flickering
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackfix(nvim): add html extension to coc
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackfeat(nvim): add copy to clipboard mapping
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackfeat(nvim): add comment toggle mapping
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(nvim): align colors
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(nvim): change some mappings
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackfeat(nvim): add :noh mapping
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackchore(alacritty): make black brighter
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackfeat(nvim): add gitgutter support for dotfiles
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackchore(nvim): reformat config
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackfix(nvim): link some highlights
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(alacritty): add green and red colors
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackfix(less): add mouse scroll
2021-09-07 Artjom Löbsackfeat(git): update diffr colors
2021-09-01 Artjom Löbsackfix(nvim coc): autofix scss
2021-09-01 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(xmonad): change border
2021-08-19 Artjom Löbsackfeat(zsh): add docker completions
2021-08-19 Artjom Löbsackfeat(nvim): add editorconfig plugin
2021-08-16 Artjom Löbsackfeat(nvim): set up new airline
2021-08-16 Artjom Löbsackrevert(coc): get back lint options
2021-08-16 Artjom Löbsackrefactor(git): use internal diff