descriptionNuxt Chatra integration
last changeThu, 1 Apr 2021 22:08:10 +0000 (03:08 +0500)
2021-04-01 Artjom Löbsackfix(plugin): do not call Chatra if it's not initialized yet master
2021-04-01 Artjom Löbsackchore(docs): remove npm link from title
2021-04-01 Artjom Löbsackchore(deps): upgrade major
2021-04-01 Artjom Löbsackchore(deps): upgrade minor
2021-04-01 Artjom Löbsackrefactor: simplify injection
2021-02-07 Artjom Löbsackchore(deps): upgrade
2021-02-07 Artjom Löbsackfix: update yarn.lock
2021-02-07 Artjom Löbsackrefactor: remove fallback loading
2021-02-07 Artjom Löbsackfeat: use nuxt inject if target static and ssr false
2020-10-12 Artjom Löbsackchore(mock): flat config modules
2020-10-12 Artjom Löbsackfeat(mock): use .env
2020-10-12 Artjom Löbsackchore(module): update version
2020-10-12 Artjom Löbsackfix(plugin): transpile functions code to support old...
2020-08-22 Artjom Löbsackfeat(plugin): colorize debug
2020-08-22 Artjom Löbsackfix(plugin): log on debug only
2020-08-22 Artjom Löbsackfix(readme): change methods space
18 months ago master