descriptionSlock fork
last changeWed, 9 Dec 2020 14:20:19 +0000 (19:20 +0500)
2020-12-09 Artjom Löbsackrefactor: remove message master
2020-12-09 Artjom Löbsackfeat: patch message
2020-12-09 Artjom Löbsackfeat: patch caps color
2020-12-09 Artjom Löbsackfeat: patch control clear
2020-12-05 Artjom Löbsackrefactor: change colors
2020-12-05 Artjom Löbsackfix(config): set group to nobody
2017-03-25 Tobias StoeckmannProperly clear the last entered character
2016-11-22 Markus Teichrm trailing whitespace in README
2016-11-22 Markus Teichsyntax fix
2016-11-22 Markus Teichthere can only be one window in the event
2016-11-22 Bob UhlFix resize with multiple monitors and portrait mode
2016-11-20 Markus Teichbump version
2016-11-20 Markus Teichadd arg.h and util.h to Makefile
2016-11-19 Markus Teichclarify colors in config.def.h
2016-11-19 Markus Teichmove config.h inclusion after type declarations
2016-10-17 Laslo HunholdUnboolify slock.c
21 months ago master